July 16th, 2024

Using GMail for your own domain for free

Google is currently doing something for free which is hard to refuse – hosting the email for your domain.  I have had my personal email address for so long, and fought for years to try to maintain this single email address.  This fight has been tough because free accounts such as Yahoo actually have better spam filtering than any of the small ISPs a little guy like myself can use.  If you have bought your own domain to have email@{somethingyoulike}.com, you know how hard this always is.  Usually you are stuck accessing your email through either a poor online interface or storing your email locally with Outlook.  I could go on about all the attempts I have made to manage this problem, like using GMail but having my email address as the “reply to” but there are always problems which keep email from either looking professional or working the way I would expect.

Even if you don’t have a domain registered, this offer is too nice to ignore.  Just register your domain at GoDaddy, then register for a free  Google Apps account and follow the instructions to switch your MX records to point to Google’s servers.  You’ll have a personal and professional email address for less than $10 a year (the yearly charge for GoDaddy registration), without being tied to any email provider.  And besides, it’s just cool.

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