July 16th, 2024

Configuration tips for the ubee DDW3611

If you upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 through Time-Warner Cable, you may be interested in a few configuration settings that were required to get my modem/router to function as well as my previous setup (using a simple Linksys router).

Update: Please review the comments section – tons of people have contributed helpful tips which may help you out if my original post does not.

WPA2: Enable
As part of the default installation, the router only supports WEP 40-bit and 128-bit encryption – this can limit your connectivity options with other devices, is less secure, and more of a pain to deal with the hex keys required to keep for the password. However, through calling tech support they can update your router to support WPA or WPA2 encryption. For me, my previous router was using WPA2, so I requested to enable that.

IP Flood Protection: Off (helpful against DDoS attacks)
With this turned on (the default setting), each machine coming out of standby (phones and computers) had to wait roughly 3 minutes before being able to use the network. This was driving me crazy. All fixed with this turned off.

WAN blocking: Disable
Enable: UPNP
Bridge mode: Off

OK, for the three settings listed above, I can only tell you that this was the final configuration that worked to have my Apple Airport Express to consistently join my network and extend it. (I use this to give my XBOX 360 connectivity in another room as well as stream music to my stereo.) At one point we tried adding the Airport Express’s MAC address to the router and turned on bridge mode (off by default); however, this just prevented the airport express from ever staying connected or being assigned a valid IP. Frankly, I believe most of the trouble was caused by turning on bridge mode. We went around with a number of setting changes until bridge mode was finally turned off. Bottom line is that you may or may not need to make the setting changes above to get your own Airport Express to work.

If you have more to contribute on these settings, feel free to leave a comment below. But I felt I should at least share what worked for me – everything now works as it did previously (plus increased bandwidth of course), but only after about 2 hours on support. Speaking of support: Each of these configuration changes required the help of someone in the “Level 3 Support.” I spoke with Chris and Tim on two different days. Both were quite knowledgeable (and knew each other – it’s not a huge bunch). If I keep having experiences like this, it will become slightly more difficult to spread the hate toward TWC that I shared in my previous post.

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