July 16th, 2024

Actual Cell Towers in Cary, NC (FCC has duplicates)

In the process of finding a new home in Cary, I found a number of spots where I have no cell coverage. To get an idea of the current state of coverage, I searched for and found a list of cell towers in Cary. The problem, however, is this list confuses and distorts the situation. I created a corrected list (and map) for you.

While I commend the FCC for putting together this list of 135 supposed cell towers listed in Cary, I felt like it was a little confusing to find multiple entries of the same geographic coordinate (duplicates) in the data. This is something I deal with at work, so I pulled out the latitude and longitude values and distilled it down to these 23 unique entries. The same page also mentions that the information here may not be complete, and that other towers may exist. I don’t know enough about radio waves and earth contours to know whether 23 is the right number, but I thought the list might be helpful to anyone wanting them. And I already figured it out for myself. But that’s not the point. The point is that I created a map with these plotted (they have one at the FCC link above, but you don’t have much room on the screen to work with it). I wanted a map I can use in full screen on most setups. So I created this:
Google Map: Cell Towers in Cary, NC

Once I put all these coordinates onto a map, it looks like there are only 16 “real” unique locations, as several of these are within only a few feet of each other. Maybe towers next to one another (perhaps serving different carriers?).

Here is the unique list:
Lat: 35.606389 Lon: -78.825833
Lat: 35.730694 Lon: -78.803333
Lat: 35.741667 Lon: -78.779444
Lat: 35.763611 Lon: -78.753611
Lat: 35.764611 Lon: -78.813806
Lat: 35.766111 Lon: -78.870833
Lat: 35.767778 Lon: -78.845278
Lat: 35.768028 Lon: -78.845361
Lat: 35.769167 Lon: -78.763889
Lat: 35.785917 Lon: -78.792389
Lat: 35.787139 Lon: -78.726917
Lat: 35.787222 Lon: -78.726667
Lat: 35.791639 Lon: -78.748028
Lat: 35.791917 Lon: -78.747972
Lat: 35.791944 Lon: -78.748056
Lat: 35.793889 Lon: -78.761389
Lat: 35.801111 Lon: -78.814167
Lat: 35.818056 Lon: -78.743889
Lat: 35.818083 Lon: -78.743833
Lat: 35.831611 Lon: -78.765917
Lat: 35.831667 Lon: -78.765833
Lat: 35.832444 Lon: -78.871750
Lat: 35.832500 Lon: -78.775278

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