July 16th, 2024

Fixed! Laptop waking from sleep

I love my ThinkPad T420s (I love my MacBook Air as well, but that’s not important right now); however, the blasted thing kept coming out of sleep once I put it into my laptop bag. I find my laptop later just about to overheat, leaving me frustrated and wondering what unhealthy forces my battery or other computer bits have been subjected to while it was in there.

After looking in the Event Viewer, I was able to track down the wake event was the ethernet port (nice, unplugging the ethernet after putting it in standby woke it right back up – that’s smart). It finally hit me there should be some mechanism to find out what devices in Windows 7 have the ability to wake my computer, so I can go and kill these things before they disrupt my sleeping machine again.

And there is! Open a command-prompt and enter the following:
powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

Source: Powercfg Command-Line Options

I simply ran that command, then double-clicked on each device in Device Manager, and unchecked “Allow this device to wake the computer” on the Power Management tab. Re-ran the command just to verify nothing was present. (Turns out it was not just the LAN adapter, but the keyboard and mouse as well.)

A nice sigh of relief to not have to worry about that. In the meantime, my laptop is still a little hot to the touch, but getting cooler. 🙂

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